Requirements for Membership and Restrictions to Membership

A person who can prove their whakapapa to the lands of Waikaremoana or who is an owner or descendant of an owner, or whāngai or legally adopted descendant of an owner in Waikaremoana lands is eligible to register and join Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana.

  • Membership is restricted to individuals who are 18 years of age and over
  • A person or individual who wishes to become a member of Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana must complete a registration form (see attached).
  • Members must be 18 or over to be eligible for membership, and they can register their children or mokopuna (natural, whāngai or legally adopted) who are under the age of 18
  • Voluntary and open membership – anyone who can whakapapa to the lands and lakes of Waikaremoana and who wants to become a member can do so by registering with Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana.


  • Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana through its Whakapapa Committee must consider every application for membership and has the right to accept or reject an application
  • The Leadership Group and Whakapapa Committee must, within 3 months after receipt of an application for membership, notify the applicant of its decision

Rights and Obligations of Members

  • Members have the right to attend meetings of Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana
  • Members have the right to nominate and vote people on to the Leadership Group
  • Members have the right to appoint an auditor
  • During voting ballots at meetings of members, each member has the right to one vote
  • Members must adhere to the objectives, the ‘tikanga’ and guiding principles (mātāpono) of Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana
  • Members must participate, in a positive way, to the business of Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana and promote unity among its members and community
  • Members must notify Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana  whenever any of their personal details change, for example when their home address changes

Democratic member control – It is whānau who are the main shareholders of TTPOW and who elect the Leadership Group members; Whanau Representatives and any other official positions within TTPOW by taking an active part in unifying the whānau, hapū and iwi of Waikaremoana and who participate and promote the co-op’s meetings and activities.

Autonomy and independence – Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana  is controlled by the whānau who are its members and who maintain the ‘tikanga’ and ‘mana motuhake’ of their own whānau as a unified form of Māori communal leadership.
Continuing education, training and information – Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana has a duty to educate members and the community in general about the co-operative form of business based on its unique principles as a valuable part of whānau based leadership.

Unity of its members and co-operation with other entities at Waikaremoana – understanding the reasons they belong to Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana, means that members see the value that comes from unity and collaborating with other entitles at Waikaremoana as being one of the strengths of Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana.

Concern for community – as a multigenerational entity, while focusing on the needs of current members and shareholders, Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana works for the sustainable development of the Waikaremoana community through policies approved by their members with the next generation of members in mind

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