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Welcome to the home of Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana (TTPOW)

Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana is a entity which was established in 2014 by the descendants of Ngāti Ruapani ki Waikaremoana to progress all Treaty of Waitangi claims on behalf of our Iwi.

If you are a descendant of Ngāti Ruapani ki Waikaremoana and descend from an ancestor or original owner in the lands and lakes of Waikaremoana we urge you to register here by following the registration link.  Please note: You must be 18 years or over to register with Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana.

Latest News:

Posted 30 November 2017

Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana (TTPOW)
(November 2017) Updates:

TTPOW Leadership Group members meet with Genesis Energy at recent consultation hui.

On Thursday 23rd November 2017, Genesis Energy held a consultation hui at Whakamarino Lodge, Tuai. Members of TTPOW Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana Leadership Group met with Rosco McDonald (Genesis Energy) seeking assurances that a relationship is re-established and continued between TTPOW & Genesis. Rosco has given an undertaking to action a hui with TTPOW Ruapani Leadership Group in near future.


TTPOW Ngati Ruapani Representative appointment to Te Matāwai Regional Panel (Mataatua Region)

On Saturday 25th November 2017, Jennifer Takuta-Moses was nominated onto the “Te Matāwai Regional Panel” for the Mataatua Region – as the Ngati Ruapani iwi representative.

This hui was held in Tauranga and attended by Jennifer and other TTPOW Leadership Group members in support of her nomination. There were nine people nominated to assist with the establishment of this newly formed regional panel.


Posted 25 October.

Hui for Ruapani Descendants:   Review of Trust – Te Kopani 31, 32, 33, 35 Lands

Hui to be held at Wkakamarino Lodge, Tuwai, Waikaremoana
Saturday, October 28, 10 am

To review Trust and elect new trustees

For more information contact:  V.Winitana (Mob – 021 180 4214)


Posted 10 October 2017

Who are Stats NZ?  Unleashing the power of data to change lives

Stats NZ’s purpose is to empower decisions by adding value to New Zealand’s most important data.

Two years ago, Ngāti Ruapani, along with other iwi groupings, commenced working towards recognition as an iwi in the official government statistics. Recently Stats NZ completed a preliminary classification standard to bring life to this project.  

Maori generally always consider our total whakapapa, but many of you will know that other tribes have claimed that we are a strong hapū of theirs in the past, the most prominent being Ngāti Kahungunu and more recently, Ngai Tuhoe.  

Based on tikanga, kawa and whakapapa, Ruapani is an ancestor with clearly a different whakapapa to both. Both the Waitangi Tribunal and the Crown have recognised our Iwi status.

It is how we view ourselves that matters most.

Ngāti Ruapani have always considered ourselves as an Iwi entity, with Marae, papakāinga, land, lakes, rivers, urupa, tikanga, kawa and whānau. Our Ngāti Ruapanitanga cannot be subsumed by anyone.

When the next census is placed before all New Zealanders in 2018, we can all register as Ngāti Ruapani for the very first time alongside any other iwi we whakapapa to.

TTPOW Leadership Group progress with Tuwai issues

At previous Ngāti Ruapani hui various issues have been placed before tribal members and the leadership have progressed these with the entities involved.

Items such as :  

  • potable water from the springs
  • the sewage ponds in the village and waste material including broken motor vehicles, scattered around the village, are of concern to both residents and visitors alike. The Wairoa District Council have been asked to look into all these concerns and report back via the Maori Committee of Council.


TTPOW and Maungapohatu: Rua Kenana Statutory Pardon 

TTPOW leadership will represent all Ngāti Ruapani at Maungapohatu on Saturday 9th September 2017, when the Crown offers its apology to the whanau affected by their actions almost 100 years ago.

Over 70 Soldiers and other support militia invaded Maungapohatu and two men, Rua Kenana’s son and Te Whiu were shot dead. No inquiry was held and no action taken against those responsible. The Tuhoe settlement did not attempt to resolve this claim and the whanau were forced to settle this matter directly with the Government. To their credit the Government led by Ministers Flavell and Finlayson deliberated and negotiated a pardon that the Whanau have accepted. Ngāti Ruapani have whanau who were affected by this action and fully support all parties for their common sense solutions.


Posted 18 July 2017

Ngati Ruapani land owners possibilities

TTPOW are very pleased with the efforts of Trustees of our lands to secure a Whenua Maori Fund grant from Te Puni Kokiri, of  $ 56,000, to produce a Land Use Assessment Report for our remaining lands.

The funding is used primarily to engage specialists in the areas of agriculture, horticulture, housing, aquaculture, infrastructure, honey production, renewable energy and the like. These specialists will produce a cogent report to better inform owners and Trustees on the way forward and the long term sustainability of our land.

TTPOW will seek feedback from Ngati Ruapani tribal members and their views on this topic at future meetings and specific wananga called to explore all possibilities.

The Trustees leading this development are pleased with progress and advisors have been selected. Advisors are to meet with Trustees shortly.

We will do our best to keep all Heiotahoka and Te Kopani 36/37 land block owners updated on this matter and future developments with our soon to developed section on this website, dedicated to Ngati Ruapani Land matters.

Waikaremoana Reserves

Trustees of Mokau, Te Maara A Te Atua and Hopuruahine Reserves, located on the shores of Lake Waikaremoana have agreed to consider a motion to remove these Reserves from their Trusteeship .

To do so correctly, they have called for a Hui at Tuwai for all owners on:

Saturday July 22, commencing 10am.

Owners in these three Reserves will have an opportunity to offer their views. It is intended that the Trustees will then forward their findings to the Maori Land Court. We urge all owners to attend.

Waikaremoana Tourism

Whilst the Road closure of SH 38 between Wairoa and Murupara has been closed for some timedue to storm damage and land slips the lack of road traffic has been a disaster for visitors to the Te Urewera Park. Recent weather has also prevented occasional blockages of the road between Wairoa and Tuwai. Notwithstanding these challenges, TTPOW, in conjunction with regional Tourism operators, will host mini workshops to explore this potential sector in September 2017.

Ngati Ruapani Hui in Te Teko

Following a very well attended hui in Te Teko the TTPOW Kaumatua Kaunihera grew with the inclusion of 7 more kaumatua appointed by whanau under the leadership of Tumanako Waiwai. Directors are astonished at the high calibre of kaumatua now assembled by Tumanako and his team.


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To support Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana, please register here and give us your support and mandate to represent you and to progress all Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana's claims to Deed of Mandate and to settle all Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana Treaty of Waitangi claims.

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