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Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana is a entity which was established in 2014 by the descendants of Ngāti Ruapani ki Waikaremoana to progress all Treaty of Waitangi claims on behalf of our Iwi.   If you are a descendant of Ngāti Ruapani ki Waikaremoana and descend from an ancestor or original owner in the lands and lakes of Waikaremoana we urge you to register here by following the registration link.  Please note: You must be 18 years or over to register with Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana.

Latest News:

Posted 18 December 2018

Wananga Reo – Waikaremoana

Tena Koutou
Tēnei a Ngāmoko, a Panekire, a Manoha, te Waikaukau o ngā mātua tīpuna e karanga atu ana ki ōna uri whakaheke ki te hoki mai ki wā tātau nei wānanga reo. E tukuna atu ana tēnei pānui ki a koutou ki te tohatoha ki ērā o tātau e pikoko ana ki te reo Māori,te reo o Waikaremoana me ngā kōrero whakapapa, waiata, whakataukī, pepeha, haka o Ngāti Ruapani ake.
We are calling for all ‘Expressions of Interest’ to register for our inaugural Reo wānanga at Te Kūhā marae, Waikaremoana commencing on the weekend of January 18-20, 2019.
All applicants must;
i) Be a registered member of Te Tatau Pounamu;
ii) Preferably have some knowledge of te reo Māori;
iii) Be committed to  attending at least 4 wānanga reo.
Please email all  ‘Expressions of Interest’ to: rapata.wiri@gmail.com
Deadline: 13 JANUARY 2019
Maximum of 40 students.
Ngā mihi ki roto i ngā maioha o te wā.
Nāku iti nei
Nā Dr. Rāpata Wiri



Posted 22 June  2018



Following the last Hui at Waikaremoana (2nd June), Co-Chair Jenny Takuta Moses requested that another hui be held for Ngati Ruapani whanau to discuss pressing issues relating to the mandate attempts by the NRMW group.

This hui will be held:

Saturday 7th July 2018, Te Kuha Marae, 1-4pm

Ngati Ruapani Leaders recently met in Rotorua (16th June) where  discussions partially focused on how to improve and strengthen our ties with Tuhoe.  It was agreed that Ngati Ruapani would do so by forming strong relationships Te Kaunihera Kaumatua o Tuhoe.

Ngati Ruapani are interested in building and strengthening this relationship in the spirit of healing division within our whanau, hapu and iwi.

An invitation was sent to Te Kaunihera Kaumatua o Tuhoe to invite them to our Hui on 7th of July,  and they have accepted this invitation.  They have also provided us with some information to share about who they are, and current issues and concerns within Tuhoe.

Click on aticles below for more information:

  1. Te Kaumatua Kaunihera o Tuhoe     Click  here:  TKKoT-1
  2. Media article (7 February 2018)           Click here: 1. Media 7-2-18
  3. Media article (28 February 2018)        Click here:Media 28-2-18
  4. Media article (20 June 2018)                  Click here: Media release 20-06-18


Posted 19 June  2018


Since the group called ‘Ngati Ruapani mai Waikaremoana'(NRMW) completed their series of information hui, with the last hui being held at Waimako Marae (2 June 2018), significant amounts of work has gone on behind the scenes for the Te Tatau Pounamu Leadership group, including:

  • Establishment of an ‘Online petition’:  To date over 1,470 Ngati Ruapani people have signed and supported the call to OPPOSE the WTA, Tamati Kruger and Kirsti Luke from having any involvement in Ngati Ruapani’s Treaty settlement process.


  • Meeting notes of all the  hui hosted by NRMW were recorded, and have since been forwarded onto Minister’s Little (Minister for Treaty Settlements) and Minister Mahuta’s office, Local MP’s, Office of Treaty Settlements and other key government departments and officials.  These meeting notes highlight  the  extremely  growing concerns Ngati Ruapani whanauwhanui have about this group, and the inclusion of the WTA, and individuals.


  1. Overwhelming OPPOSITION to the Waikaremoana Tribal Authority, Tamati Kruger & Kirsti Luke having any involvement in Ngati Ruapani’s Treaty Settlement process!!
  2. Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana people overwhelmingly called for ‘Unity’ of all Ruapani ki Waikaremoana groups, to come together and progress the treaty settlement process.
  3. Acknowledgement of the deep divisions that exist within Waikaremoana concerning Ngati Ruapani and Tuhoe – affecting whanau young and old and having deterimental impact on our people.
  4. Overwhelming acknowledgement and support from our people, that Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana is an IWI in its own right, and  that Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana has strong whakapapa links to Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairoa,  Rongowhakaata, Te Aitanga a Mahaki, Pahauwera, Ngati Whare, Ngati Manawa and Tuhoe.  There has been fantastic support coming through from these iwi and their membership –  expressing support towards Ngati Ruapani settling their own Treaty Settlement on their own terms without interference.


  • ‘Work towards UNIFYING Ngati Ruapani’!!!     Te  Tatau Pounamu, Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana Collective, and other key community members have met and commenced talks – with the aim of unifying all factions and groups of Ngati Ruapani, in the coming weeks and months.   Two meetings have been held to date with these groups, the talks have been slow and  steady, but overall united and positive.  All involved agree that Te Toi Kura o Waikaremoana needs to come back to Ngati Rupani people, come back to the table and work with Ngati Ruapani groups (not the WTA and said individuals) to progress Ruapani’s Treaty Settlement progress.
  • These groups have gone a step further, and James Waiwai onbehalf of these groups, issued an invitation to Te Toi Kura at the last hui held at Waimako marae (2 June 2018). The invitation was issued to Te Toi Kura members  (not WTA or individuals) to come to Te Kuha Marae to discuss these matters.   However this invitation was not acknowledged, nor accepted by the  Te Toi Kura members, therefore the other Ruapani groups  will continue to meet, and have agreed to keep working to bring Te Toi Kura back to the table.



All Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana descendants are invited to a ‘Hui-a-Iwi’ to be held :

Date:     SATURDAY 7 JULY 2018


Time:    LUNCH 12pm    (Bring  kai/a plate to share)  


(Note: The wharenui will be available to those travelling and wishing to stay overnight for this hui.)

The aim of this hui, is for the leadership of key groups to come together to talk, and explore ways we can unite our people, and to engage with our people to hear their hopes, concerns, and aspirations for Ngati Ruapani’s Treaty Settlement progress.

Obviously we want to unite with all the key groups, but if this is not achievable, then discussions will be held around what other action we will need to take, to ensure that the Ngati Ruapani mai Waikaremoana ‘Negotiations Group’ does not move forward without the support of all Ngati Ruapani people.

*An Agenda will be provided shortly, but if anyone has agenda items they wish to be discussed on the day, please email these items to the following email address for inclusion onto the agenda.     (Email address:   ruapani1@gmail.com) .

If you email through an item, it is important that you be present to speak to your item on the day, otherwise this item may be missed on the day.

We will keep you posted on key developments, so stay tuned!!


Ongoing maintenance and confirmation of iwi registrations

In the coming weeks we will be working to update our Iwi Registration Database and contacting you to confirm receipt and confirmation of registrations.

Our ‘Kaumatua Kaunihera’ committee  view all registrations at regular Quarterly hui, to confirm whakapapa provided.  Once this step is completed, we  will contact  you (via email) to confirm your registration, or to request more information if there are any issues with your registration.

At any time you can:

  • request to view your own information we hold on our registration database
  • update your contact details, or
  • withdraw your registration to Te Tatau Pounamu ki Waikaremoana
  • All information you provide will be  treated in confidence, and will not be used for any other purposes.

Our registration form & process requires you to have completed a  ‘Registration Declaration and Statement form’ which states:

  • I am a blood descendant, a whangai or legally adopted descendant of Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana
  • All information on this registration is true and correct, including my whakapapa
  • I understand that the information I provide will be held by Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana Limited (legal entity for Te Tatau Pounamu ki Waikaremoana).  I authorise the Whakapapa Committee (Our Kaumatua Kaunihera) to collect relevant information for the purposes of this application. Including contacting third party such as those people who may be named in the whakapapa section
  • I have the right to access and correct my personal information under the Privacy Act 1998
  • I authorise Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana Limited to use this information for the purposes specified in the Constitution
  • I have read and understood the contents of this registration form and confirm that the information provided is true and correct.
  • I am over 18 years of age (for voting purposes)

For more information on this and other registration matters please email our


Jenni Moses:  jenni.moses@hotmail.com

Aubrey Kohunui:  aubreykohunui@gmail.com

or email:  ruapani1@gmail.com      – for any general enquiries


Posted 14 May 2018


In early 2017 another separate working group was formed calling themselves ‘Ngati Ruapani mai Waikaremoana’ consisting of;

  • 3x representatives of Te Toi Kura o Waikaremoana (previously failed group to achieve mandate with the Crown)
  • 3x representatives of Waikaremoana Tribal Authority (A Tuhoe owned entity)

In December 2017 this group released a mandate strategy through the Office of Treaty Settlements (OTS) to try and  establish a current negotiating group.   This group proports to represent Ngati Ruapani and yet :

  • They have not had any forms of communication;
  • Have not made themselves visible or engaged with the Ngati Ruapani claimant community;
  • No website presence
  • No clear registration process to date

TTPOW and various other Ngati Ruapani entities submitted numerous ‘opposing’ submissions to OTS to voice and highlight their united concerns about the  Waikaremoana Tribal Authority (WTA) being involved in a Ngati Ruapani treaty settlement process, as this entity is Tuhoe owned and operated.

ALL Ngati Ruapani entities (except Te Toi Kura o Waikaremoana) OPPOSE Tuhoe entities or individuals (Kirsti Luke & Tamati Kruger)  trying to settle Ngati Ruapani’s treaty settlement, or having any involvement or representation in Ngati Ruapani’s treaty settlement process!!

Ngāti Ruapani mai Waikaremoana representatives are:

  • Te Kūhā Tārewa – Nicky Kirikiri and Neuton Lambert
  • Te Waimako – Tina Wagner and Te Ori Paki
  • Te Toi Kura o Waikaremoana – Kara Puketapu-Dentice, Nicky Kirikiri & Neuton Lambert
  • Waikaremoana Tribal Authority – KIrsti Luke & Tamati Kruger

This group have self – appointed themselves to represent your Ngati Ruapani interests and are hosting a series of hui this month! (MAY 2018).  To view the dates of these hui visit:     www.nrmw.co.nz

We strongly urge all our whanau, hapu and iwi members to get along to these hui to voice your ‘opposition’ to the Waikaremoana Tribal Authority or Kirsty Luke or Tamati Kruger having any involvement in our Ngati Ruapani Treaty settlement.


Posted 10 May 2018

Te Tatau Pounamu Updates & Activities in 2018

Strategic Relationships:  

Since the start of 2018 , TTPOW Directors have been busy and  working hard to  foster and develop positive strategic relationships between Ngati Ruapani and  various key stakeholders including; Hawkes Bay Regional Council, Wairoa District Council, Te Puni Kokiri, Office of Treaty Settlements,  Te Matawai and  Genesis Energy to mention a few.

Treaty Settlement progress:

TTPOW was established in 2014, as a result of a failed mandate attempt by Te Toi Kura o Waikaremoana. Since then TTPOW under the sure and steady guidance of our (Co-Chairs) Aubrey Kohunui & Jenny Moses, and (Directors) Sharon Cooper & Richard Tumarae –  have worked tirelessly to host over x25 hui with our wider Ngati Ruapani community throughout Aotearoa to :

  1. Grow and promote awareness and unity of Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana;
  2. Understand what our Ngati Ruapani people want as whanau, hapu & iwi;
  3. Establish a iwi registration database – at present we have over x900 whanau members registered and this iwi database continues to grow daily;
  4. Get Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana recognised with Statistics NZ, and included in the 2018 Census for the first time ever – so that we could get a better awareness of Ngati Ruapani Tribal numbers;
  5. Establish a strong iwi Kaumatua Kaunihera;
  6. TTPOW Leadership have continued to grow, foster and engage in positive relationships and communications with neighbouring iwi: Ngati Hineuru, Ngati Pahauwera, Tatau Tatau ki Wairoa (Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairoa), Ngati Whare, Ngati Manawa and various hapu within Tuhoe;
  7. Host wananga at Te Kuha Marae  and supporting whanau wanting to reconnect with their whakapapa, and learn about lands around Lake Waikaremoana.

All TPPOW efforts to date have been supported through our whanau membership and their generous  donations of kai, money, fundraising, and  contributions from our whanau of time, energy and contributing their skills and  towards our iwi achieving our own Treaty Settlement.

To date TTPOW have not received any financial help from anyone, yet our Ngati Ruapani whanau have managed to achieve so much!

TTPOW on the ground in Waikaremoana:

At the grassroots level, two of our Directors (Sharon and Jenny) continue to work at home in Waikaremoana – along side other members of our whanau, looking after our Wharekai & Marae at Te Kuha, mowing and maintain our urupa, hosting raffles and raising funds for various groups and activities within Waikaremoana. We are truly greatful for their ongoing dedication and tireless efforts in our community, and for keeping TTPOW truly connected with the key issues affecting our whanau at Waikaremoana and further afield.

TTPOW Kaumatua Kaunihera has faced challenges over the past year, with the passing of some our Kaumatua, however we have continued to add members to our Kaumatua kaunihera and will continue to support them where ever possible.




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To support Te Tatau Pounamu o Waikaremoana, please register here and give us your support and mandate to represent you and to progress all Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana's claims to Deed of Mandate and to settle all Ngati Ruapani ki Waikaremoana Treaty of Waitangi claims.

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